Charles Jourdain believes the new era won’t produce young dominant champions like Jon Jones and Jose Aldo: “Look what happened to Cody ‘No Love’”

Jon Jones, Dana White, Gilbert Burns
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UFC fighter Charles Jourdain believes the era of young, dominant champions such as Jon Jones and Jose Aldo is over.

As the likes of Charles Jourdain and a parade of other fighters on the roster continue to try and make a name for themselves, many of the UFC’s finest athletes have already established their legacy as all-time greats. For example, people like Jon Jones and Jose Aldo are recognised as being two of the youngest and most accomplished champions in the history of the promotion.

They’ve done some incredible things for so many years and even though they will likely continue to add to their greatness, they could walk away tomorrow with their heads held high.

In a recent interview, though, Jourdain explained why he doesn’t believe fighters will keep winning titles at such a young age.

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“Back in the days, we had Jose Aldo, 24, champion. Jon Jones, 22. Now it doesn’t happen anymore. You need to bleed. In the era of the new generation, nobody can come up undefeated and be like, ‘I’m gonna destroy everybody.’ Look what happened to Cody ‘No Love’ [Garbrandt]. Undefeated, 26, becoming champion, and then boom, you get all these f***ing monsters going at it, knocking him out.”

Quotes via Sportskeeda

Jones has had his fair share of ups and downs outside of the cage whereas Aldo’s struggles have been focused on some of the defeats he’s had since the start of his rivalry with Conor McGregor.

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Who knows, maybe Jourdain is right – but then again, maybe the next big thing is waiting around the next corner.

What do you think of Charles Jourdain’s thoughts on future champions in the UFC? Are we likely to see another Jon Jones or Jose Aldo tear through the competition with ease? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

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