Chael Sonnen condemns Daniel Cormier for his middleweight GOAT assessment

Image Credit: Bellator

Chael Sonnen has questioned Daniel Cormier for suggesting recency bias has played a role in people comparing Israel Adesanya to Anderson Silva.

While Anderson Silva is often regarded as the middleweight GOAT by the MMA masses, some have argued that Israel Adesanya could be sneaking his way into the conversation. Alas, Daniel Cormier recently rejected that notion, indicating that he believed Adesanya still has work to do if he wants to be put on the same pedestal as “The Spider”.

Chael Sonnen, a previous opponent of Silva, was quick to call “DC” out during a fascinating commentary video on his YouTube channel.

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“What the bleep is Daniel Cormier talking about?! There is nothing on that, that is accurate. There is no way that Daniel believes it, except Daniel fought Anderson Silva, and would like to pad his own resume so he wants to have beaten the greatest of all time, is all I can think. Or, he just didn’t have enough time to think about the question – there is zero truth to it. Look, if we are at least down to Adesanya and Anderson [in middleweight GOAT discussion] we have done a good job as a community. Because those are the two. I’ll tell you this: they fought, and it was a good fight. Adesanya won, two rounds to one, everyone saw it the same way as the judges. Adesanya won one and three, Anderson won number two, it was a valiant effort by Anderson. It was closer than any of us thought it was going to be, it was a great fight. But that still answers the question, if you’re being fair.”

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen on this matter? Is Israel Adesanya beginning to catch up to Anderson Silva in this debate? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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