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Bruce Buffer cautions fighters about parting ways with the UFC: “You become irrelevant when you leave”

UFC announcer Bruce Buffer has warned fighters against leaving the promotion during a fascinating podcast exchange.

Over the course of the last few weeks and months, the discussion surrounding the future of Francis Ngannou has intensified. The man known as “The Predator” has become synonymous with both success and controversy, especially after his win over Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

The success stems from his incredible rise to prominence that ended in him becoming UFC heavyweight champion. The controversy, in many ways, largely isn’t of his own doing and comes down to financial politics between himself and the promotion.

After Ngannou had appeared on Bruce Buffer’s podcast, the man behind the famous “it’s time” quote didn’t mince his words when discussing what he thought about leaving the UFC in favour of pastures new.

“No offence to other organisations, but you become irrelevant when you leave the UFC after a while.”

“Instead of losing in the UFC your contract is being ended in the UFC, and you fall from the Octagon down into Bellator [etc].”

“Let’s just hope everybody gets together [to sort out a deal].”

Buffer was, of course, largely referring to other mixed martial arts organisations, as the conversation was focused on Ngannou’s pursuit of becoming the best heavyweight in the sport.

The heavily-touted idea of him jumping ship to professional boxing is still on the table but given the 35-year-old’s status as a UFC champion, many are choosing to look at what comes next instead of what could be coming down the line.

Do you agree with Bruce Buffer and his view on heavyweight MMA outside of the UFC? Do you expect to see Francis Ngannou re-sign with the UFC, or is he more likely to try his hand at pro boxing? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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