UFC Fight Night 108 Results: John Dodson defeats Eddie Wineland (Highlights)

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: John Dodson vs. Eddie Wineland

A key bantamweight scrap between John Dodson and Eddie Wineland took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 108 main card in Nashville.

Round one begins and Dodson comes forward with a front kick that misses. Wineland is pawing with his jab early. Dodson goes to the body with a hard kick. He follows that up with a low kick but Eddie catches him with a left. Both fighters go to the body with punches. A lot of respect being shown early by both men. Dodson shoots in for a takedown but Wineland stuffs it with ease. Dodson comes forward with a combination that finishes with a body shot. John ducks under a Wineland right hand and connects with another shot to the body. Eddie fires back with a pair of jabs to the body of his own. Dodson with a low kick. He leaps in with a straight left that finds the mark. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Dodson scores with a laser quick right hand. Eddie is pawing with his jab but is having a hard time finding Dodson. John is actually laughing at him now. He lands a front kick to the body of Eddie. Dodson throws a body kick but Eddie counters with a left. Both fighters are utilizing a lot of movement. Dodson scores with a straight left hand. He circles and then comes forward and lands another. A big high kick scores for Dodson. Eddie shakes it off and presses forward. He misses with a pair of attempted jabs. Dodson slips and rips with a right. He presses forward and lands a nice combination. Eddie is bleeding from his nose now. One minute remains in round two. Both men are throwing punches now but neither one is really connecting. Dodson is just so fast and elusive. John lands a right. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Dodson starts off quickly with a combination. Eddie throws a pair of jabs but neither hit the mark. Eddie scores with a left hand over the top. Dodson just eats it and plows forward. He lands a left to the body and then a follow up hook to the head of Wineland. Eddie misses with an uppercut. Dodson responds with a kick to the body. He leaps in with a triple jab that appears to stun Eddie. Wineland is pouring blood now. Still, Eddie continues to smile at Dodson. John circles and then leaps in with a left hook that connects. Both fighters stand and trade in the pocket. Eddie lands a right hand and Dodson connect with a left. Eddie needs to do something big here if he wants to win this fight. Dodson lands a nice left kick to the body. He follows that up with a right. Eddie swings and misses with a left. The horn sounds to end the fight.

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