UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Cub Swanson defeats Artem Lobov (Highlights)

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Cub Swanson vs. Artem Lobov

A featherweight scrap between Cub Swanson and Artem Lobov served as the main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 108 fight card in Nashville.

Round one begins and Swanson lands a low kick to start things off. He circles and lands another. Lobov leaps in but misses with a right hand. The fighters clinch and exchange knees. Lobov presses Swanson against the cage and scores an early takedown. Cub quickly scrambles and gets back to his feet. Lobov connects with a low kick. Cub leaps in with a left hand. Swanson presses forward and lands a right hand. He follows that up with a kick to the body. Lobov returns fire with a low kick. Artem lands another. Cub responds with a low kick of his own. Cub follows that kick up with a right hand that appears to stun Lobov. Artem circles and appears to be ok. Another good right hand finds the mark for Swanson. Lobov replies with a left hand and then a hard low kick. Both men seem happy to stand and trade now. Lobov goes to the body with a punch. He lands a pair of low kicks. Swanson goes upstairs with a high kick. Lobov takes it and fires back with a right hand. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Cub starts things off with a low kick. Lobov charges forward with a combination. Swanson returns fire with a right hand and then a head kick. wow. How did Lobov eat that. Artem lands a heavy low kick. Swanson circles out and then presses forward with a kick to the body. Lobov answers with a body kick. The fighters clinch up and exchange knees. Both fighters seem happy to just exchange short strikes from this position. Cub scores a beautiful trip and winds up in half guard. Cub lands a big shot from the top. He fires off an elbow. Artem tries to scramble but gives up his back. Cub jumps on him and locks in both hooks. He is pretty high on the back of Lobov. Cub adjusts but Artem is able to stand up and then scramble free. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Lobov lands a nice left early. Swanson comes forward and lands a left hook. Cub goes to the body with a pair of jabs. Both men connects with solid left hands. Lobov is bleeding now. Cub leaps in with an elbow. He presses Artem against the cage. Lobov quickly breaks free and circles out. Swanson lands a wheel kick and then a knee and Lobov is hurt. Still, he somehow fires off a left hand that stops Cub in his tracks. The doctor is called in to take a look at Lobov’s eye but the bout is allowed to continue. Artem lands a left hand. The fighters trade low kicks. Cub lands a right and then a left hand and then a left high kick. He is starting to find his range. Another good right hand from Swanson. He goes to the thigh with a low kick. Swanson throws a cartwheel kick that connects. Lobov eats it and scores a takedown as the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Cub lands a right hand but Lobov fires right back with a hard low kick. Artem presses forward and lands a nice uppercut. He presses Cub against the cage and works a knee. Cub gets off the fence and misses with a left hand. Lobov counters with a right hand over the top. Both men connect with left hooks inside. They clinch up in the middle of the cage. Cub lands a knee to the thigh. Lobov attempts a takedown but he cannot secure it. Cub lands a spinning back elbow. Artem eats it wow. Cub follows up with a jab. He lands a left hook behind that strike. Both men connect with left hands. Artem shoots in for a takedown but Cub says no. They break and Cub lands a nice counter punch and then a hard right hand up the middle. Both men appear to be slowing down now. Lobov lands a left. Cub replies with a right. Artem gets in a knee before the horn sounds to end round four.

Round five begins and both men lands left hands early and often. Cub goes to the body with a jab. He follows that up with a body kick. Artem presses forward and trips Swanson to the floor. Cub gets right back up and the fighters clinch. They break and Cub is able to score with three straight punches. Lobov just eats the blows and presses forward. Once again the fighters clinch and Cub goes to the body with a shot. Artem with a knee and they break. Lobov chases after Cub and pushes him up on the fence. Cub lands a knee inside. Artem returns fire with one of his own. A huge combination lands for Cub. He ended it with a head kick. Once again though Lobov just eats it. Cub scores a takedown and begins raining down some ground and pound. Lobov scrambles to his feet. Cub blasts him with some punches late. The horn sounds to end the fight.

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