UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Bryan Barberena TKO’s Joe Proctor (VIDEO)

UFC Fight Night 108 Results: Bryan Barberena vs. Joe Proctor

A welterweight scrap between Bryan Barberena and Joe Proctor took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 108 Fight Pass prelims in Nashville.

Round one begins and Barberena misses with an early low kick attempt. Proctor moves forward and presses Bryan against the cage. Barberena connects with an inside low kick and then circles off the fence. Proctor moves forward and lands a low kick of his own. Barberena quickly fires back with another inside low kick. Both men trade low kicks. Proctor lands a right hand. Barberena quickly presses forward and lands yet another hard inside leg kick. Joe responds with an outside low kick and then a right hand. Both men connect with right hands. Barberena lands a big right that drops Proctor. Joe scrambles back to his feet but is greeted by Bryan with some knees. Proctor drops again and Barberena is all over him with ground and pound. This one is all over!

Barberena TKO’s Proctor at 3:30 of Round 1

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