UFC Fight Night 117 Results: Gokhan Saki KO’s Henrique da Silva (VIDEO)

Gokhan Saki

A light heavyweight scrap between Henrique da Silva and Gokhan Saki took place on tonight’s UFC Fight Night 117 main card in Japan.

Round one begins and Saki scores a knockdown right off the bat. Da Silva wants him to come to the floor but Gohkan wisely opts against it. Da Silva steps back up and comes forward with a jab. Saki responds with a hard low kick and then some shots to the body. Saki is landing bombs now. Da Silva ties up but can’t keep a hold of him. Da Silva with some knees inside. Saki responds with a big left but Da Silva fires right back with a head kick. Saki looks tired. He fires off a left hand that floors Da Silva. This one is all over.

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