Gokhan Saki dropped a deep statement on life and fighting, and his fellow fighters loved it

By Thomas Taylor - July 17, 2018

For kickboxing legend Gokhan Saki, there’s nothing quite like fighting, whether its in the UFC’s Octagon or the kickboxing ring. Though life as a fighter can be tremendously taxing — physically and mentally — it’s also beautifully straightforward.

Gokhan Saki

Life outside the cage, however, is not always so black and white.

Earlier this summer, Gokhan Saki issued a deep and meditative comment on his life as a fighter, and how his struggles inside the cage often pale in comparison to those that occur outside it.

“Being a fighter is the most easiest & realest thing out there for me,” Saki said in his Tweet. “I know what the person in front of me wants, he wants to knock me out & hurt me. Outside the cage is the difficult part: ‘Life’. People smiling in your face all the time, pretending to be your friend.”

Initially, this statement from Saki didn’t generate much of a reaction from his peers. When Saki Retweeted it in July, however, a host of his fellow MMA stars chimed in and agreed with him, commending him for his eloquence and for his honesty.


“[Gokhan Saki] is and always will Be one of my favorite strikers,” said former UFC and Rizin star Ian McCall, who recently retired. “Can’t wait to see him back in action. These are some of the truest words ever said. Being retired is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done because the outside world is so untrustworthy. Keep your friends close and filter out the people that hold you back. I’m ready for the challenge.”

“This right here is the fucken truth,” said UFC featherweight Megan Anderson of Saki’s comment.

“I’ve said this many a time,” Former UFC middleweight title challenger Nate Quarry said in response to Saki. “Fighting is the most peaceful and clarifying thing in the world. For those few minutes you have ONE issue to deal with. Nothing else.”

“Deep,” commented UFC middleweight prospect Julian Marquez in response to Saki. “You couldn’t have said it better.”


“SO much truth in this, but I’d amend it to ‘the act of fighting,'” said former UFC bantamweight Julie Kedzie. “Being a fighter also means being hungry & waiting for fights & dealing w/ injuries & losses & cancellations & different levels of lies …all while still trying to maintain a sense of hope (But still way more fun).”

Needless to say, it seems that for many fighters, the beauty of fighting is in its simplicity. When you’re locked in a cage or a ring, staring down your opponent, there’s but only thing to worry about. Everything else is momentarily muted.

What do you think of this statement from Gokhan Saki?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 7/17/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


Gokhan Saki