UFC Fight Night 117 Results: Teruto Ishihara defeats Rolando Dy

A featherweight scrap between Rolando Dy and Teruto Ishihara took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 117 card in Japan.

Round one begins and Ishihara presses forward quickly. Both men exchange kicks to start. Ishihara lands a huge left that drops Dy. He jumps on him with some ground and pound. Dy is scrambling but Ishihara is all over him. He lands another big shot this time an elbow. He looks to lock in a guillotine choke. Dy is defending and jumps back up to his feet. Teruto drags him back to the floor and lands a flurry of big shots. Punches and now elbows from Ishihara. This is getting ugly fast. Still, Dy manages to secure guard. More big elbows from the top by Teruto. He switches to some short left hands. Dy is just trying to survive now. Teruto switches to some elbows to the body. He working from half guard here. He traps an arm momentarily but Dy is quick to break free from the position. He scrambles back to full guard but eats some elbows for his troubles. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Ishihara misses with a big left. Dy replies with a kick but it connects with the groin of Teruto and so the referee steps in to allow Ishihara to recover. We restart and Dy lands a head kick. Some how Ishihara eats it and moves forward. Teruto leaps in with a left but Dy counters him with a hook. Both men lands good straight punches. Ishihara misses with a head kick attempt. He lands another straight left. Dy is looking to counter. Teruto lands a nice low kick. Dy responds with one of his own. Dy goes to the body with a kick. Teruto replies with a low kick. Both men begin to stand and trade. Ishihara presses Dy against the cage but Rolando escapes. Dy with a nice right hand. Teruto continues to press the pace. He eats a body kick from Dy. Ishihara replies with a pair of low kicks. Thirty seconds remain in the round. Dy lands a beautiful left hook. He follows that up with a kick to the body. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Dy lands a nice right hand. He throws a kick that once again hits Teruto low. The referee is forced to step in and allow Ishihara time to recover. We restart and Dy lands a left hook followed by a head kick. He is taking over this fight. Just as I type that, Teruto comes forward and lands a head kick of his own. Dy replies with a head kick of his own that stuns Teruto. This fight is terrific. Dy lands a counter left hook. He throws a low kick that once again strikes Teruto in the groin. Ishihara drops to his knees in pain. This is not good. I’m not sure Teruto can continue. He survives to fight on and the referee takes a point from Dy. Teruto immediately shoots in and scores a takedown. He moves to half guard. Dy scrambles and gets back to his feet. Teruto has him pressed against the cage. Dy switches the position and lands an elbow. The fighters break and Dy misses with a jab. Teruto lands a hard low kick. Dy replies with a right hand. Ishihara lands another low kick. Dy presses forward and lands a right and then a left. He scores with a head kick. The horn sounds to end round three.

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