UFC 225 Results: Mike Jackson defeats CM Punk (Hihglights)

By Chris Taylor - June 9, 2018

Former WWE star Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk) returned to the octagon tonight in front of his hometown of Chicago where he squared off with Mike Jackson in the first bout of the UFC 225 main card.

Mike Jackson, CM Punk

Both men, CM Punk and Mike Jackson, entered tonight’s contest with an 0-1 record and thus were searching for their first professional mixed martial arts victory.

Round one begins and Punk takes the center of the octagon. He fires off a low kick that misses. He attempts another which lands. Jackson lands a nice right hand. Punk circles and then lands a big right of his own. He presses Jackson up against the cage and lands a knee. Jackson switches the position. The fighters break and we are back to standing. Punk with a low kick. He paws with a left jab. Punk leaps in and looks to lock up Jackson. He can’t do it. Both men are swinging wildly now. Punk presses Jackson back up against the cage. Mike switches the position but Punk gets the dominant stance right back. The fighters move off the cage and Punk lands a knee. Punk dives in deep for a takedown and almost has it. Jackson is eventually ably to shrug him off. The fighters are back to trading shots. Both men land lefts. Punk just misses with left hand. He looks tired. He shoots in for a takedown and it is not there. Jackson circles off the fence and lands a jab to the body. Punk shots in and lands a takedown. The crowd roars. Punk working from half guard now. Jackson is able to scramble and get back to his feet. The fighters trade punches until the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Punk comes forward working his jab. He loads up a hook that misses. Punk with a low kick. He presses Jackson up against the cage but can’t secure the takedown. Jackson with a nice low kick now. He rocks Punk with a big punch. Punk bites down on his mouth piece and charges forward. Jackson continues to land but Punk is still firing back. Punk jumps on Jackson but Mike takes the fight to the canvas and begins working from full guard. Right hands and hammer fists now from Jackson. He is hurting Punk now. CM Punk is pouring blood. The former pro wrestler throws up a triangle. He cannot secure the submission. Jackson starts showboating now. He peppers Punk’s stomach with punches. He lands a right hand and then a plethora of hammer fists. Punk is going to survive as the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Punk comes forward but eats a counter left. Punk pushes forward and presses Jackson against he cage. Mike instantly reverses position and lands a knee. Punk looks exhausted. He eats a left hand and appears to be stunned. Another shots and Punk goes down. Jackson tells him to stand back up. Punk does, and then charges forward with a flurry. Jackson comes back with a nice counter punch of his own. CM Punk charges forward and presses Mike against the cage. He lands a knee. The fighters break and Jackson lands another combination. Punk leaps in with a right hand that connects. Jackson takes the fight to cage and begins working some shots. Punk drops for a leg lock but cannot secure the hold. Jackson continues to work some shots. Punk eventually scrambles and winds up on top with just seconds remaining. The horn sounds to end round three before Punk could get off any offense.