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UFC 225 Results: Holly Holm defeats Megan Anderson (Highlights)

A key women’s featherweight bout between former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm and former Invicta FC champion Megan Anderson took place on tonight’s UFC 225 main card from Chicago.

Round one begins and Megan quickly comes forward and takes the center of the octagon. She fires off a left but Holm replies with a kick to the body. Anderson presses forward and lands a knee followed by a big punch. Holm appears to be stunned. She circles and then shoots in on Anderson. Holm presses Megan up against the cage. The two jockey for position. Holm with some soft strikes. Megan attempts to break free but Holm stays on her. She begins working some uppercuts. Anderson looks huge compared to Holm but still Holly continues to hold her against the fence and work some knees. Megan breaks free and then lands a kick. Holly leaps in with a jab and then attempts to tie her up. Holm can’t secure the clinch. Megan with a kick. Holly catches it and takes Megan to the canvas. Holm is working from side control. She begins landing some nice shots. Megan scrambles and grabs a leg. Holly continues to land strikes, now to the thigh of Anderson, until the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Anderson presses forward early. Holm lands a nice counter left hand. Anderson shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Holm switches the position and presses Anderson against the fence. She works in some knees and short punches. Anderson breaks free and circles off the fence. Holm lands a nice side kick. Megan returns fire with a kick to the thigh. Holm goes to the body with a kick and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Holm is working from half guard and begins looking for a kimura. She uses the submission hold to take mount. Megan scrambles and Holm winds up in side control. Holm hops into full mount. She begins raining down punches. Anderson scrambles but Holly remains in full mount. Holly with some big punches. Anderson tries to escape but can’t. Holly is laying a beatdown here. Shoulder strikes from the former women’s bantamweight champion. She remains in full mount and lands a big elbow. Left hands now. The horn sounds to save Anderson.

Round three begins and Anderson once again comes forward early. Holly greets her with a kick to the body. Anderson returns fire. Holm with a combination. Anderson replies with a beautiful straight right. Holm eats the shot and shoots in on single leg. She uses that to push Anderson against the cage. Holm with some knees to the thigh of Anderson. She grabs a hold of body lock and drags Anderson to the floor. Holm moves to full mount and begins working some big shots. She lands a big elbow and then another. Anderson is attempting to scramble and is able to kickoff the fence and break free. Back on the feet now. Holm ducks under a punch and takes Anderson right back down. She moves to half guard and begins working some short right hands. She slices into side control and here come the big left hands of Holly Holm. She moves to mount and begins dropping down shoulder strikes. She switches to punches and this is becoming a route. Anderson appears helpless now. She scrambles and Holm lands some shots to the body. Another scramble and Megan is on top. The horn sounds seconds later and this one is over.

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