UFC 223 Results: Ashlee Evans-Smith defeats Bec Rawlings

By Chris Taylor - April 7, 2018

UFC 223 Results: Ashlee Evans-Smith defeats Bec Rawlings

A women’s flyweight tilt between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Bec Rawlings took place on tonight’s UFC 223 preliminary card from Brooklyn, New York.

Round one begins and Rawlings starts off with a jab. Ashlee replies with a leg kick and then another. Rawlings circles out. Ashelee paws at her with the jab. Ashlee presses forward with a combination and rocks Rawlings. Bec survives the storm but Ashlee remains peddle down. She fires off another combination followed by some uppercuts. Bec is in all sorts of trouble. She circles out and tries to gather her bearings. Ashlee with a left hand followed by a straight right. Evans-Smith with another combination. She follows that up with a spinning heel kick. Rawlings finally responds with a left hand of her own followed by a low kick. Ashlee just continues to press forward. The fighters clinch and exchange knees. They break and Ashlee lands an uppercut. Bec circles out but eats a left hook for her troubles. Ashlee shoots in and scores a takedown. Bec scrambles right back to her feet. Ashlee lands a kick to the body and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Bec comes forward with a left hook that misses. Ashlee with a front kick that just misses. Bec with a jab but Ashlee answers with a low kick. Evans-Smith with another body kick followed by a left. Bec Rawlings holds her ground and lands a combination from the pocket. She follows that up with a low kick. Ashlee responds with a low kick of her own. She lands a high kick followed by a flurry of punches. Bec is in trouble but stands strong. Ashlee with another combination that ends in a knee. Rawlings is on the retreat. Ashlee comes forward with a shot to the body followed by a straight left up the middle. Bec circles along the outside. Ashlee charges at her with a combination. Bec replies with a left but Ashlee is all over her with knees and uppercuts. Rawlings circles off the cage. Evans-Smith with a low kick followed by an uppercut. She steps inside and lands an elbow. Ashlee with a takedown attempt. Rawlings defends and unloads some punches. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Ashlee comes forward with a low kick. Rawlings stands her ground and fires off a low kick of her own. Ashlee with a kick to the body. She misses with a follow up front kick. Ashlee paws with her jab. Rawlings responds with a straight right. Ashlee goes back to the well and throws a high kick. Rawlings blocks the kick and lands a left over the top. Evans-Smith takes the center of the octagon and lands a side kick followed by a standing elbow. Bec tries a combination but nothing finds a home. Another good left hand from Ashlee. He follows that up with a kick to the body. Both women lands nice right hands. Bec backs off. Ashlee catches her with a kick. Rawlings presses forward and lands a left. Two minutes remain. Ashlee with a low kick followed by a left hand. Bec moves to the side and lands a low kick. She is trying to find her way inside. Ashlee isn’t having it and lands a spinning back fist. One minute remain in round three. Ashlee charges forward with a combination. Bec avoids and then fires off a low kick which lands. Both women land stiff jabs. Ashlee with a left hook followed by a straight right. Bec returns fire but misses with her punches. Both ladies stand and trade to finish the round.

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