UFC 218 Results: Eddie Alvarez KO’s Justin Gaethje (VIDEO)

By Chris Taylor - December 2, 2017

UFC 218 Results: Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje

Eddie Alvarez Justin Gaethje

A key lightweight scrap between former champion Eddie Alvarez on surging contender Justin Gaethje took place on tonight’s UFC 218 main card from Detroit.

Round one begins and both men fire off heavy low kicks to start. Eddie lands an uppercut. Justin comes forward but misses with a right hand over the top. Gaethje with a hard outside low kick. Eddie responds with a straight left followed by a leg kick. He lands a good right hand over the top. Gaethje with another hard low kick. Eddie leaps in with an uppercut. Both men are landing now. They trade in the pocket. Justin with another hard low kick. That buckled Eddie’s leg. Gathje with a left hook. Eddie swings and misses with a right. He connects with a left hand. Justin responds with another low kick and then a left hook. Alvarez catches a kick and unloads a shot to the body. Eddie with some hard body shots. He lands a right hand. Gaethje is bleeding from his nose. Eddie lands a big left hook. He scores with another. Gathje returns fire with a big combination. Alvarez with some more heavy shots to the body. He goes upstairs with a left hook that lands. More shots to the body from Alvarez. He lands an uppercut. Justin circles and then lands a nice low kick. Alvarez attempts a wild flip kick and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Justin lands a low kick. Eddie returns fire with a pair of left hooks that land. Alvarez once again goes to body. Justin lands a nice jab up the middle. Alvarez with an uppercut, Gaethje with a body kick. Alvarez lands a nice right hand over the top. Gaethje responds with one of his own. Eddie with flurry, Gaethje returns fire with an uppercut. Both men are just standing in the pocket. Alvarez with an uppercut. He rips the body of Gaethje. Justin walks forward but eats a left and then a right. Eddie with a crisp jab and then more body shots. Gaethje with a right hand over the top. Two minutes remain. Eddie with another good combination to the body. He is just hammering away at Justin’s rib cage. Eddie with a big left hook. Justin throws a leg kick and then another. Alvarez with another flurry of body shots. He lands a solid uppercut. Gaethje is backing up but then leaps in with an uppercut of his own. Alvarez with a body kick. He rips another flurry to the body of Gaethje. A high kick from Alvarez closes out round two.

Round three begins and Gaethje lands a hard low kick and then another. Eddie replies with a barrage of uppercuts from in close. Eddie attempts to pull guard. Gaethje tells him to stand back up. Eddie switches stances. He lands an uppercut and then rips the body. Alvarez with a nice knee to the body. Gaethje returns fire with a high kick. Three minutes remain and Eddie’s leg is in a world of hurt. Another hard kick from Gaethje. Alvarez scores a takedown. Justin quickly gets up to his feet and lands a low kick. He lands another. That lead leg of Alvarez is just busted up. Eddie keeps on pressing forward and land shots. An uppercut and then a hook to the body from Alvarez. Eddie lands a knee and Justin drops this one is all over!

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