UFC 213 Results: Alexey Oleinik submits Travis Browne in round two (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 8, 2017

UFC 213 Results: Travis Browne vs. Alexey Oleinik

A heavyweight scrap between Travis Browne and Alexey Oleinik served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 213 prelims in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Oleinik pressed forward. Browne tags him with a body kick and circles out. Alexey continues to move forward. Again Browne tags him with a kick to the body. Alexey fires off a right hand that partially connects. Browne quickly replies with a knee and then a pair of low kick. He attempts to circle but Alexey cuts him off and pressures him against the fence. Travis gets off the cage and connects with a massive left that wobbles Alexey. More punches and Oleinik goes down. Browne with the punches from the top. He lets Alexey back up and the tries to put cut together a combination. Oleinik circles out and appears to have recovered now. He moves in and drops Browne with a huge right hand. Travis pops right back up to his feet and they clinch. Oleinik lands some big shots to the body of the Hawaiian. They break and Browne lands a front kick to the body. He follows that up with a knee. Alexey shoots in and scores with a double leg takedown. He instantly moves to side control and then takes his back. He flattens Travis Browne out with twenty seconds left. He looks to lock in the choke but Browne survives.

Round two begins and the fighters quickly engage in the clinch. Good knees from Browne. Alexey replies with some solid shots to the body. Another knee from Browne, but Alexey is pouring on these body shots. Browne wraps his arms around the hips of Alexey and scores a thunderous takedown. He begins working from full guard but quickly passes to side control. Shots from the bottom by Alexey from the position. He scrambles and ends up turning the tide and taking top position. Alexey quickly moves to Browne’s back. He looks to lock in a rear-naked choke submission. He cranks on the hold and Travis is forced to tapout.