VIDEO | Tyron Woodley Breaks Down Rafael dos Anjos and Robbie Lawler’s Fight

By Justin Golightly - October 20, 2017

Say what you will about Tyron Woodley, but you can’t deny the man his due. He took the welterweight title away from Robbie Lawler in just over two minutes. Since then, he’s defended it three times against the very best in the division. He eyed a superfight with Georges St-Pierre, but was overlooked for Michael Bisping. In his own division, former opponent Lawler and Rafael dos Anjos will duke it out to see who gets to challenge him next. As for now, Woodley is nursing his shoulder back to health so he’s content to ‘watch the throne’ to see how everything unfolds. Great reference by the way, Woodley.

Robbie Lawler, Rafael dos Anjos

“I think it’s a great match-up. If they’re on and they fight hard and they fight the way that they we know they can, it could be an amazing fight. But one person steps forward and decides to not be the vicious fighter they’re known to be  they’ve had nights off, so. My thoughts is, I don’t have a lot of thoughts about it. The division is crazy right now.I’m going to watch ti from the throne. I’m going to watch all the guys compete against each other. There are seven very, very meaningful match-ups in the welterweight division. It’s the toughest division in the world, so it’s an exiting moment for me to watch to see who emerges. I know Dana White said that RDA versus Robbie Lawler dictates who I fight next, I don’t have an issue with that. Obviously we’re in the sport of mixed martial arts where crazy things happen, big fights arrive and they may take precedence over that.”

“So, I’m just here to fight, man. I’m here to fight and I really changed my mindset on what it’s going to take to become the best welterweight of all time. I used to think that I had to fight Georges St-Pierre. If I beat Georges St-Pierre, then I’m the best welterweight of all time. If Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want to fight me — he wants to jump up in division and fight [Michael] Bisping, or fight Conor [McGregor], fight whoever — I can’t force him to fight me. So, I’m just going to keep knocking off guys one-by-one. That’s going to be my mentality. I’m excited about it. Obviously you guys know I’m going to be down for a little bit with my shoulder, but I’m going to come back motivated, ready to get after it, ready to defend this belt, ready to go up somebody’s head. Just like I always say: They think they want some, but they don’t really want none.” — Tyron Woodley to FOX Sports. 

From the mouth of Tyron Woodley himself, the winner between Lawler and dos Anjos will fight him next for the UFC welterweight title, unless Georges St-Pierre wants to fight to contend his best welterweight alive status. The champ is right though, he can’t force St-Pierre to fight him so there is no sense letting that prevent his claim that he’s the best. Although, with all the movement at welterweight and Woodley’s victories over all the top contenders, it looks like he’ll have to fight against a series of young lions sooner rather than later.

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