TJ Dillashaw blasts UFC for treatment of fighters

TJ Dillashaw

Since the UFC struck their deal with Reebok, fighters have become increasingly more vocal about how the deal has hurt fighters financially. UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort even went as far as to compare the deal to slavery.

Now, in the wake of TJ Dillashaw’s unanimous decision win over Raphael Assuncao at UFC 200, the former bantamweight champion spoke on Stud Show Radio to discuss the situation:

“They treat us like employees, but they don’t give us benefits like employees,” Dillashaw said. “It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. We have to tell them where we’re at at all times, so USADA can show up and drug test us. But we don’t get health benefits. It’s kind of crazy that we are controlled. Any time you have to tell work where you’re at and what you’re doing, that’s considered an employee, not a contractor. They can’t tell a subcontractor what to do and when to do it. So this whole drug-testing thing is kind of crazy and the way they’re making us wear Reebok and all this stuff we have to do. They’re treating us like employees, but not giving us the benefits of an employee.”

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