UFC 217 Results: Stephen Thompson defeats Jorge Masvidal

By Chris Taylor - November 4, 2017

A key welterweight scrap between Stephen Thompson and Jorge Masvidal took place during tonight’s UFC 217 pay-per-view main card at Madison Square Garden.

Stephen Thompson, Jorge Masvidal, UFC 217

Round one begins and Jorge throws a front kick that misses. Stephen takes the center of the octagon. He lands a nice outside low kick. Thompson goes high but Jorge blocks it. Masvidal comes back with a low kick. Thompson hammers Jorge with a side kick. Masvidal backs up to the fence and then circles off. Thompson with a side kick to the face. Jorge smiles at him. Thompson leaps in with a beautiful combination. Jorge circles and then lands a nice low kick. Thompson leaps in with a left hand that lands. Masvidal misses with a low kick. He throws another that connects. Thompson goes to the body with a kick. Jorge is responding with kicks now. Thompson circles out and then leaps in with a big right hand. He follows that up with a side kick that sends Masvidal to the floor. Jorge gets back up and lands a pair of low kicks. Thompson retreats. Masvidal follows him and lands a low kick. Thompson lands a perfect straight left down the pipe. That was beautiful. Masvidal presses forward and lands a combination of his own. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Thompson lands a one-two. He follows that up with a hook kick. Masvidal rushes in and pushed “Wonderboy” against the cage. He lands a flurry and Thompson quickly circles out. Thompson leaps in with a punch that lands. He drops Masvidal with a huge punch. Jorge pops right back up and lands a hard low kick. Masvidal is tough. Another low kick from Jorge. Thompson pokes him with a jab. Another good combination followed by a side kick lands for Thompson. Masvidal is pressing forward but it is allowing Stephen to counter with combinatons. Thompson with a beautiful straight left. He is moving so well here. Masvidal catches up to him with a low kick and then clips him with a left hook. Thompson circles and then leaps in with a right hand that lands clean. Another beautiful kick-punch combo from Thompson. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Thompson lands a left hook. Masvidal fires back with a low kick and then shoots in for a takedown. He cannot secure the shot but then lands a right hand as Thompson breaks free from the fence. Thompson goes to the body with a jab. He follows that up with a left hand and then a straight right. Another combination from Thompson. Masvidal avoids a spinning back kick. He is moving forward but getting peppered now. Another punch-kick combination from Thompson. Masvidal attempts to shoot in for a single leg takedown. He doesn’t get it. Thompson with a combination. Masvidal replies with a low kick and then another. He is trying to walk Thompson down now. Stephen continues to use constant movement. “Wonderboy” with a hard low kick. He lands a lead left hand. Masvidal is bleeding now. So is Thompson actually. Stephen with a left hand. Masvidal with a right. Jorge leaps in with a combo that misses. Thompson counters nicely with a right hand. Thompson with a head kick that Jorge blocks. Both men lands low kicks. Thompson with a right hand. Round three comes to an end.

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