Roy Nelson suspended nine months for UFC Fight Night 95 incident

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UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson likely regrets letting his emotions get the best of him.

“Big County” has been suspended for nine months by the Brazilian Superior Justice Court of MMA (STJDMMA) for assault and unethical behavior, according to a report from MMA Fighting. In addition to the suspension, Nelson was also fined $24,000 and the suspension is retroactive to September 29.

At UFC Fight Night 95, which took place in in Brasilia, Brazil back in September, Nelson gave referee “Big” John McCarthy a push kick after his bout against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was called to an end by McCarthy. Nelson felt that McCarthy took too long to stop the bout, which caused “Big County” to deliver unnecessary damage to his friend, Silva.

UFC Fight Night brasilia

“I didn’t want to hurt ‘Bigfoot’ more than I had to,” Nelson said. “And I got taken by the moment, because it’s like I’m beating the sh*t out of somebody and you’re like, dude, enough is enough. And for me, it hurt my feelings. And I apologize to Big John, but I wouldn’t take it back. It just hurt me, that I’ve got to keep on hitting a guy that doesn’t need to be hit.”

Nelson was facing a much stiffer penalty. According to the STJDMMA, the maximum punishment Nelson was a 25-month suspension and $40,000 fine. However, the STJDMMA stated that although Nelson never intended to hurt McCarthy, “the athlete has an obligation to respect the honor, preserve the health, and physical and moral integrity of the referee.”

ufc fight night brasilia

Nelson has a chance to shorten his suspension term and lessen his fine to a six-month suspension term and $13,700 fine if the UFC gives Nelson the opportunity to formally apologize to McCarthy inside the Octagon or at some type of press conference, where it would be preferred that McCarthy is attendance for. The apology would have to take place before December 31.

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