Ray Borg fires back at critics after getting pulled from UFC 215 main event

By Russell Ess - September 11, 2017

The UFC 215 main event featuring Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg was canceled just a few days before the fight date, which took place over the weekend in Edmonton, Canada. The announcement that Borg was pulled from the fight came on Thursday with doctors ruling the UFC flyweight title challenger unfit to compete due to an illness.

Ray Borg

With Borg given no choice but to have to pull out from the fight, many assumed that the fighter was having complications with making weight. However, with the UFC releasing a statement claiming an illness was the issue and doctors not clearing Borg to fight, it seems a choice to fight was completely out of Borg’s discretion.

Demetrious Johnson Ray Borg

As expected with people not knowing all the details of the situation, Borg faced some criticism as well as some empathy on social media. The “Tazmexican Devil” took to twitter after being removed from the fight to respond to a few critics to try and set them straight.

One twitter user said, “Hope it was worth it,” responding to a post of Borg’s a week before the fight about donuts. Borg replied back with his tweet, “You dumbass, 1 that was suppose to be just a funny caption and 2 it wasn’t weight cutting issues.”

While there were some tweets that were deleted by Borg replying on twitter, the UFC fighter added, “Just tired of all you duche bags so quick to bash us without really knowing what happens.”

Another twitter user got the attention of Borg on Monday tweeting, “@tazmexufc you reminded me of those times when i was a kid and play sick so i could skip a hard exam at school.” Borg replied, “Except you skipped a hard a exam and it was a relief, I get sick and pulled from a fight and go home with nothing to bring to my family 🖕🏼”

on 9/11/2017.

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