VIDEO | Nate Diaz ‘not excited at all’ to be making return at UFC 230, ‘I’m stuck in this sh*t’

“We’ll see [if I return at UFC 230], the ball’s in their court. We’ll see. I’m training to fight though, for sure. I’m trying to fight. They don’t want Dustin Poirier to fight at [165-pounds]. I’m like, ‘what the f*ck?’, alright well, who do you guys want then? Whoever wants it come get it. If they’re (UFC) trying to have me headline Madison Square Garden they don’t got nobody else. But they don’t want Dustin to fight so I’m down for whatever they want. All comers, bring it the f*ck on. No lames though.

I’m starting a new weight class because I heard they already wanted to do it anyway, I’m like let’s get it poppin’. Now there’s a ruckus, they don’t want to do 165 I’m like, ‘what the f*ck? Because I said it? That’s what it is?’ Anybody who wants it at 165, we can do that because I’m training to fight and they’re trying to act like I’m not trying to fight or something. I’m like, ‘let’s do this sh*t’. So all comers bring it on.

I’m not excited at all [to get back in action], I’m stuck in this sh*t. November 3, I’m coming to fight, so whoever want it can get it.”

It’s been quite the rollercoaster getting to the UFC’s return to Madison Square Garden on November 3 for UFC 230 as the event remains without the main event.

There has been more than enough speculation in regards to what it will end up being, but this close to the event now and with tickets already on sale, it’s anyone’s guess.

All we do know for sure is that in the co-main event, Nate Diaz will be competing for the first time since August 2016 in his losing effort against Conor McGregor in their rematch. In his return, he’ll be taking on the surging contender Dustin ‘The Diamond’ Poirier.

Recently the two have been campaigning for their fight to move up to 165-pounds rather than the currently scheduled 155-pounds it’s set for. However, their attempts have been unsuccessful as the UFC waits to make reveal an official headliner.


This article first appeared on on 10/1/2018

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