VIDEO | Dana White Thinks Nick Diaz is More Interested in Fighting Than Nate Diaz

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The UFC has been playing the hot and cold game with Nate Diaz for as long as grizzled veteran MMA fans can remember. It wasn’t until he took out Conor McGregor and then fought him again, earning the first and second place of most pay-per-view buys of all-time, that Diaz was able to play the game back. He had leverage and still does. Despite a back-and-forth about a possible Tyron Woodley fight, White doesn’t believe he’ll return unless it’s to finish the trilogy with McGregor. Older brother Nick Diaz though, may be a different story.

“The thing is for Nate Diaz, We’ve been offering Nate Diaz fights, Nate doesn’t want to fight and right now Nate isn’t in line for a title shot. [Rafael] dos Anjos just beat Robbie Lawler, which is a big deal, and was very impressive in how he did it. He deserves the fight [with Tyron Woodley]. […] We’ve been offering [Diaz] fights. Guys don’t just come out and say, ‘Yeah, I want fights’ and then we don’t react on it. We’ve been hitting him up since the last time he fought, offering him fights and he’s not interested in fighting.”

“I don’t know why [Nate Diaz] saying [he is interested in fighting]. I don’t even know what fight he wants. Obviously, I think if Conor [McGregor] was available, he’d take that fight for sure. It’s a big money fight. […] I think Nick Diaz is interested in fighting right now. We’ll see. We’ll see how that plays out. Listen, this year, the rest of this year, nothing but great fights coming up. So, hopefully we can make a couple of those.” — Dana White speaking to TMZ Sports.

The last time we saw Nick Diaz, he was laying down in the Octagon taunting the legend Anderson Silva in a wild and close middleweight bout. Before his back-to-back losses to Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre, the elder Diaz was on an 11-fight win streak and considered one of the three welterweights in the world. Who knows who in he’d face if he actually did return, but stepping in as the retirement fight for Michael Bisping would be a perfect fight to culminate a long-teased scrap between the two.

This article first appeared on on 2/24/2018.

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