Miesha Tate says she will finish Holly Holm quicker than their first fight if they ever rematch

By Russell Ess - April 13, 2016

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is set to fight and defend her title for the first time against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in July.

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Although focused on defending her title against Nunes, Tate spoke with MMA Junkie on the potential rematch with Holm, which is what the former champ wants more than anything.

“It’s one thing to believe you can, and it’s another thing once you’ve done it,” Tate said. “Once you’ve done it, you feel so much more confident. I believed I could, but I’ve proven it to the rest of the world. So it just puts you on this elevated level of confidence.

“I’m still going to be grounded in all of this, for sure, but I just really believe in myself, and it feels good to see the rest of the world believe what I’ve been saying the whole time, that I knew I was capable of this.”

“I have nothing but respect for her,” Tate said of Holm. “She was a very tough opponent, but I’m even more confident going into a second fight because I didn’t push the pace on the ground when I got her on the ground, and now I feel very confident that I could have caught her sooner. So I think I would get a submission a lot earlier in a rematch, if that were to happen.”

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