Michael Bisping on Anderson Silva: ‘He hasn’t fought anybody that has my speed or my volume’

UFC veteran Michael Bisping does not respect Anderson Silva and has made it very apparent. The two are set to face off in the Octagon on Feb. 27 at UFC Fight Night 84 in London, England.

Bisping recently spoke with Sky Sports on Silva’s diva-like attitude and how the former UFC middleweight champion nearly didn’t show up to the event open workouts.

“Here’s some inside information – the guy is an absolute fake,” Bisping said. “Up until the very last minute, Anderson wasn’t going to show up at the open workouts. I know this from very reliable inside-information.

“He wasn’t going to turn up because he wasn’t happy about this, he wasn’t happy about that. Finally he turns up with a huge entourage like he’s Mike Tyson.

Bisping went on to reveal some interesting information regarding a call from Silva’s manager.

“He was passive-aggressive and condescending to me but I couldn’t care less because we’re going to fight. But then afterwards, his manager is calling my coach to ask me not to [criticise Anderson].

“The guy is a fake who can speak English but chooses to use a translator. He showed me that he’s too confident at the open workouts by messing around with his friends. Me? I had a solid workout, I’m not messing about.”

Regarding Silva’s highlighted past as the middleweight champion, Bisping feels that his competition was not on par with what he has to offer.

“He hasn’t fought anybody that has my speed or my volume,” he said. “He hasn’t fought anybody that’s as well-rounded as I am – I can fight with him on the feet and take him down. I implement a lot of movement and footwork.

“He’s fought a lot of mediocre opponents, guys that were terrified of him and were beaten before they started. They were looking for a way out, which is something we see in sports.

“I never bought into his aura of invincibility, I looked at him as someone who had skills and finishing ability – but he has poor boxing, zero takedown defence, and he isn’t very strong.

“Yes, I also have to be wary of his finishing ability but I’m stronger, younger, fitter and better looking so what more can I ask for?”

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