Matt Brown explains altercation with former coach in streets of Brazil

Matt Brown

At UFC 198 this past weekend, top ranked UFC welterweight Matt Brown found himself being smacked in the head by enraged Brazilian fans during his walkout to fight Demian Maia on the Pay-Per View portion of the card.

Brown was then reportedly attacked in his hotel room following the bout, at which point it was revealed that his former coach, Rodrigo Botti, was the man behind the attack.

A video was then leaked showing a scuffle in the streets of Brazil. While there were no details given about the scuffle, it was revealed that one of the men was Rodrigo Botti.

Brown took to his podcast, The Great MMA Debate, to discuss the situation:

“I got up late [on Sunday], come down for lunch and I’m sitting there sipping coffee and suddenly I feel something on the side of my head,” he said. “I thought that it was a fan…you know, these fans that were smacking me in the head, that’s what it felt like, right? So I thought maybe a guy was hitting my shoulder a little bit hard and missed. Or maybe I moved at the wrong time or something, and I kind of looked at my coach and was like, ‘what a d*ck – what a dick move.’

“In between me and the stairs was a huge pillar,” he said. “So the perpetrator must’ve been spying. There’s no way he couldn’t have known that I was sitting there without actually walking around and looking for a specific person.”

The man who smacked Brown then took off running, breaking through a door on his way out. UFC VP of Athlete Development Reed Harris proceeded to chase Botti, and caught him while he was trying to get into a cab. At which point, the video footage which was posted earlier in the week begins.

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