Luke Rockhold on UFC Pay: ‘The Money is BS’

By Tom Taylor - September 7, 2016

Yesterday, we addressed rumors of a middleweight showdown between Yoel Romero and Chris Weidman, which is apparently on tap for the UFC’s November 12 trip to New York City. This prospective bout is very exciting, as it will  mark the long-awaited returns of two of the middleweight division’s very best fighters.

Luke Rockhold

Yet the next move for Luke Rockhold, who is ranked even higher than Weidman and Romero, still remains unclear. We haven’t seen the American Kickboxing Academy staple in action since he surrendered his title to an underdog Michael Bisping.

Earlier this week, the former champion took to Snapchat to address the current state of his career and the conditions he’ll require before he returns to the cage.

“A lot of people are asking ‘when are you going to fight?’ I might have a bout agreement in the mail, but the money is bullshit,” Rockhold explained to his fans. “When the money is right, I’ll be ready to fight.”

Of course, this is not the first time Rockhold has expressed disappointment with his pay. The middleweight contender raised similar points in another interview last week.

“I’m not gonna go out there and put my body through [fighting] when I can also get paid [for modelling], Rockhold told Ariel Helwani, touching on his lucrative options in the modelling world. “I beat my body down during training and fighting, and my opportunities have grown recently, so I’m dabbling with that.”

“I’m a fighter at heart, but I’m here to get paid,” he added. 

No, it appears that Rockhold will not be fighting again until he’s offered the money he feels he’s worth. Do you think the UFC will open its check book to get this top-ranked middleweight back into the Octagon? Sound off, PENN nation!


Luke Rockhold