Jon Jones once again trashes Chuck Liddell on social media: “We all know you’re far from innocent”

Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell

Earlier this week, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell announced that he’s going to be returning to the cage, and that he’s hoping his comeback will ultimately lead him to Jon Jones.

Given that Liddell, now 48, has not fought in eight years, and that Jones is perhaps the greatest fighter of all time, Liddell’s ambition was met with immediate and widespread criticism. Much of that criticism came from Jones himself, who quickly assured he’d be happy to whoop Liddell anywhere, any time.

On Thursday night, Jones once again took aim at Liddell. In a multi-Tweet barrage, Jones responded to some of Liddell’s recent remarks, first assuring that Liddell isn’t as innocent as he pretends to be, and then criticizing his record.

See it all below.

“[Chuck Liddell] brother I don’t have to be retired to be a legend first of all,” Jones said in his first Tweet. “And you talking to me about conducting my life outside the cage is just hysterical. Chuck we all know you’re far from innocent.”

“And as far as you teaching me how to ‘really fight’…” Jones added in a second Tweet that included a screen shot of Liddell’s record as listed by Wikipedia.

“I’m done with all this Internet bullshit for the time being, if you have something else to say to me I’ve already invited you down to Albuquerque,” Jones added in his final Tweet to Liddell. “Take care old man Ladelle.”

While Chuck Liddell gears up for his comeback, which is expected to begin with a rematch with his former arch-rival Tito Ortiz in Oscar De La Hoya’s new MMA promotion, Jon Jones is awaiting sentencing for his latest failed drug test. This failed drug test came to light shortly after he knocked out Daniel Cormier in July of 2017, and caused his win to be overturned and the title to be returned to Cormier.

What do you make of this beef between Jon Jones and Chuck Liddell?

This article first appeared on on 5/18/2018.

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