Jon Jones: Brother – NFL New England Patriots star {overdosed}

By bjpenndotcom - January 13, 2016

Brother of UFC star Jon “Bones” Jones was taken into Norwood hospital Sunday morning for a medical emergency. It wan’t until today have more sources come forward indicating that the emergency turned out to be an apparent drug overdose.

The Boston Herald received a copy of the dispatch records:

Jones arrived at the police station at 7:42 a.m. with a medical emergency and was evaluated by fire and EMS officials before being transported to Norwood Hospital just after 8 a.m.” Additionally, “the police chief confirmed information was deleted from dispatch records before they were released to the Herald.”

Even more interesting than this Twitter ‘leak’ is the fact that sources are  the Foxboro police chief attempting to hide it.

More news as it unfolds on defensive end Jones’s condition to come.

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