Joanna Jedrzejczyk unhappy with how she is portrayed on TUF 23

Many fans quickly began to turn on UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk when season 23 of The Ultimate Fighter began airing. Jedrzejczyk was portrayed in a rather negative way, as footage of her provoking Claudia Gadelha and her coaches with trash talk began to air.

Jedrzejczyk has remained quiet on the situation, however in a recent interview with SiriusXM Fight Club she explained that she isn’t watching the show.

MMAFighting has the transcription:

“I don’t watch TUF. I don’t watch it because I don’t like how they show me… I know the stories, I know the things which happened so I’m not watching because what I saw in the first two episodes I wasn’t happy with that so I’m not watching this.”

“I heard every day that I’m a very good coach, that I’m a very good partner for my teammates and for my fighters but they show on TV that I’m a bad person but I’m not. So that’s why I’m not watching this. I’m focused on my preparations for my upcoming fight with Claudia Gadhela and I just want to make sure that I’m gonna be at 100 percent and you’re gonna hear ‘and still’ on July 8th.

“The second episode or the third [episode] I saw that I was jumping to one of Claudia’s coaches but the story was different. They started the fight. I’m the champ. I became the champion a long time ago. You know I’ve been working so hard for my title and I cannot let Claudia or someone from her team jump to me. You know what I mean. They cannot push me, they cannot yell at me. I’m kind of tough girl and they cannot just play with me. When you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you; but when you are not nice, I’m even worse.

“People just see tense situations in the TUF program. They can see that I am bully but it wasn’t like that. Don’t trust everything you see on TV.”

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