Joanna Jedrzejczyk Talks Wings, Tupac and 23 Other Things You May Not Know About Her

By Justin Golightly - November 1, 2017

Leading up to UFC 217, Joanna Jedrzejczyk has been her most intimidating yet. Her entire language has leveled up from its usual confidence, to near super villain levels. She’s out here tearing her long sleeve shirts with elbows in training and declaring her dominance will never endure so much as a hiccup. Some people may be writing her challenger Rose Namajunas out, but Jedrzejczyk is preparing like she’s about to fight a war. In startling contrast to this, the UFC strawweight champ answered 25 of Us Magazine‘s questions on everything from hip hope music and weird habits. 

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

1. My fans always pump me up before a fight, so I like to see them right before I go out and I fight for them.

2. I love old-school hip hop like Tupac. If he was still alive, he would be the Michael Jackson of hip-hop.

3. I would be the emoji with the tongue sticking out on the side. I think it represents people who like to eat and I’m always looking for good food.

4. I love Buffalo Wild Wings’ Mango Habanero and I’m always eating spicy food. I remember Ronda Rousey used to say, “Now it’s time for the wings and beer” after every press conference and I couldn’t understand why she loved wings so much, but I tried them and became obsessed.

5. My celebrity crush is Justin Timberlake and I’ve been starstruck by him!

6. If I could have a superpower, I would want the ability to make people happy.

7. When I eat pizza, I like to have it with thick crust and a lot of meat.

8. I am addicted to coffee. I only remember two Christmas presents – a camera that my parents gave me when I was younger and a Jura coffee maker from Switzerland.

9. I like to wear fuzzy slippers around the house.

10. My nickname when I was younger was Bubba. I chewed Hubba Bubba chewing gum every day, so everyone called me Bubba.

11. I’ve always been a big fan of Mercedes-Benz, but the first car I was able to buy myself was a Hyundai Elantra.

12. Thailand is the best place that I have ever traveled to. It stole my heart and it’s so beautiful.

13. I would tell my younger self to enjoy the ride a little more. I had a lot of good times and bad times, and both helped me grow as a person. I wish I appreciated everything as much as I do now.

14. Besides English and Polish, I don’t speak any other languages. After I retire, I plan to learn Spanish and I’ve always wanted to study in Spain.

15. I live by the motto, “Per aspera ad astra,” which means “through hardships to the stars.”

16. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” is my favorite song to sing in the shower or car and that’s it! I cannot sing!

17. My guilty pleasure is buying a lot of sneakers. I am a big sneaker head and I have way too many pairs!

19. I would bring my UFC belt, my coffee machine with a solar energy panel and baby oil if I was stuck on a desert island.

20. I have very sensitive senses, so I’m always smelling myself to make sure I don’t have an odor. I also smell clothing before I buy it. Not in a weird way – I just don’t want to be smelly!

21. My favorite athletes are Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. Ronda is a badass and she has done so much for female athletes and the sport of MMA. I love Conor because we are similar in that we believe what we say and we make our words come true.

22. I love wearing skinny jeans and cannot live without them!

23. I look up to Adriana Lima because she’s my friend and a badass. She showed me how challenging it can be to be a model. She works just as hard as professional athlete and I have so much respect for her and other models around the world.

24. I’m always active, so a bike ride helps me chill out.

25. My biggest fear is to lose. I want to retire with an undefeated record. It’s my dream, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.

First of all, if you read all of this and don’t want to immediately get Buffalo Wild Wings with Joanna Jedrzejczyk while listening to All Eyez On Me, then you’re lying. Also, her nickname used to be Bubba because of bubble gum? That’s it, she can now only be called as Bubba from now on. It’s good that she took some time out to remind s all of her soft side, as she gears up for a bloody meeting in the Octagon this Saturday against Rose Namajunas.   

This article first appeared on on 11/1/2017.