Invicta FC President Confident Cyborg Will Pass All Drug Tests


Since Cris Cyborg failed a drug test for anabolic steroids in 2011, there has been a black mark next to her name, one that has even led UFC President Dana White to say she will never fight for the UFC.

Ahead of Cyborg’s Invicta FC title defense on Friday against Charmaine Tweet, Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp spoke on The MMA Hour to discuss the bout, and whether or not she is worried about Cyborg’s drug test results given her past transgression.

“If you’re asking me if I have someone as a replacement, I’m going to tell you absolutely 100 percent no. You have to have faith in your athletes. She says she’s clean. I’ve tested her many times. She’s been randomly tested out of competition. I have no reason to doubt her words.”

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“She’s weathered many storms for her mistakes and I think it’s certainly not a place she wants to go back to and go through again. I think that she’s very conscientious about what she puts into her body and doing the right thing.

“Look what happened. Every thing that she did came into question. It’s always incredibly disappointing.”

Despite her confidence in Cyborg, she understands why the California State Athletic Commission has to test, and clear Cyborg to fight before she steps in the cage on Friday.

“I think when you’re in a situation that she’s been in where she tested positive for a substance in that state, I think they’re doing what they gotta do, the responsible thing to do. She has to go through a series of things to be able to compete. I get it. I understand it and of course support the commission.”

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