Chael Sonnen says Holly Holm lost out on $10M fight by not waiting for Ronda Rousey

By Russell Ess - March 11, 2016

Former UFC title contender and current MMA analyst Chael Sonnen does not hold Holly Holm’s manager in high regard. Sonnen announced on his podcast that it was Holm’s manager who wanted the fight with Miesha Tate for his own benefit.

With Miesha Tate’s win over Holm at UFC 196, it likely cut down on the excitement for a rematch between Holm and former champion Ronda Rousey.

“The biggest match in UFC history just got burned,” Sonnen said. “It got burned because Holly didn’t want to wait.

“On one hand, boy I got to respect that. Holly becomes the champion of the world, she wants to stay busy. She’s not rich, she’s not Ronda. She can’t just ride into the sunset. She got a new contract, she wants to activate it, she wants to stay busy. I have to admire that. I love people that take chances and she took a risk.

“But, Dana White UFC President told her and her management, ‘You versus Ronda will be the biggest fight in UFC history. Wait for this fight, I will sell 2 million PPVs and I might sell more.’

“The way Holly’s contract works with her PPV points, she was going to face about $10,000,000 for that fight. And yes, you guys heard me right. $10,000,000. But, there was no guarantee that the fight was going to happen. There is no guarantee Ronda will ever come back, and she wanted to be busy. She wanted to fight.”

Sonnen goes on to say that it was Holly’s manager who ultimately pushed for the fight with Tate.

“Holly’s manager didn’t want to do it (wait). Sonnen added. “Wanted to do the fight now. That is so he gets paid. So now who’s corrupt? Where’s the corruption lie?”

Do you think Chael Sonnen knows the entire situation with Holly Holm and her manager and the fight decision?

Share your thoughts in the comment section on if you think Holly Holm should have waited likely a year for a fight with Ronda Rousey that may or may not have been put together based off Rousey’s decision, but had the potential to break the bank for Holm.

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