Brendan Schaub: Georges St-Pierre should go to Bellator

By bjpenndotcom - October 18, 2016

Although former UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre stated earlier this month that he would have news regarding his return fight with the UFC in the coming weeks, ‘Rush’ revealed earlier this week that he has gotten out of his contract with the UFC, and is officially a free agent in the MMA world. That was met with resistance by the UFC, who were quick to release a statement refuting St-Pierre’s claims of being a free agent.

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Despite that, ‘what if’ talks regarding St-Pierre being a free agent have continued to swirl, with the possibility of the former champ heading to Bellator MMA being a hot topic among MMA fans.

During a recent episode of ‘The Fighter and the Kid’, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen discussed St-Pierre’s apparent release from the promotion.

Note: Schaub and Callen’s comments were made before the UFC refuted St-Pierre’s claims of being a free agent.

“That’s all this stuff is. It’s about who has the more powerful attorneys, and that’s why the UFC’s so big, because they have the most powerful attorneys in the game. But, it’s Georges St-Pierre, and he has money, and fame. Bellator will sign him [snaps fingers] like that. Biggest signing of all time.”

“I’m telling ‘ya man, tides are shifting…Georges is…man, biggest free agent signing of all time. Bellator’s going to throw the book at him. 35, lot of fight left in him if he wants to keep fighting, but I mean it’s Georges St-Pierre…shit. Top 3 most famous guys of all time in the UFC.”

“He’s not going to fight in the UFC unless these new owners get their shit together, but we don’t want him to sign with the UFC. This is good for the sport, him signing with Bellator changes the tides a little bit. With the UFC, with these new owners & Dana on the cover of men’s health, it’s a gimmick – But for Georges St-Pierre to go to Bellator, it’d be good for the sport, for the brand. It’s not that i dislike the UFC, i just want what’s best for the fighters.”


Stay tuned for updates regarding Georges St-Pierre’s contract dispute with the UFC as they become available.


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