Frank Mir has asked the UFC to be released

Frank Mir

Back in April, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was notified that he had failed his ‘UFC Fight Night: Australia’ post-fight drug test. Mir failed the test for oral turinabol metabolites, blaming the failed drug test on contaminated kangaroo meat.

While there has been no word yet as to how long Mir will be suspended, he has been open about the fact that a 2-year suspension would force him to retire from the sport.

On Tuesday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Mir revealed that the amount of money it would cost him to fight the failed drug test makes the endeavor a difficult one. Shockingly, Mir has even gone as far as to ask the UFC to release him from his contract:

“It started looking to be very expensive to fight (the failed drug test), and if the end of it was, I’m still suspended, and I’m not allowed to fight or broadcast, I’m going to have to think about my savings as something I have to sit back on. I have children. I made a calculated decision to forego trying to battle it anymore, and basically now – the only option I really see is – even if it was a reduced sentence of one year, I have children that are very active, in private school, and in different endeavors. Fighting and no work whatsoever even for a year, let alone two years, it’s not feasible. Hopefully the UFC then just would release me so I can go off and follow broadcasting and different avenues.”

When asked if he had formally asked the UFC to release him, Mir responded:

“Yeah, I already put it out there in motion when it first happened.”

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