VIDEO | Conor McGregor’s BJJ coach Dillon Danis nearly brawls at ADCC trials

It looks like Dillon Danis isn’t just the teacher in his newly established association with UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

It appears as if the Marcelo Garcia black belt phenom that was brought in to help “The Notorious” with his Brazilian jiu-jitsu for the UFC 202 rematch against Nate Diaz is also learning a bit from the UFC’s king of promotion as well.

During the ADCC North American Trials that took place last weekend, Danis nearly got into a brawl after a match at the trials, which has surely elevated the interest in a potential match between some big names in the world of sport jiu-jitsu.

Danis was in the corner of his Marcelo Garcia Academy teammate, Mansher Khera for the ADCC North American Trials. Khera took on Renzo Gracie Academy’s Oliver Taza in the 77kg final. At the end of the match, Khera was declared the winner and Danis declined to acknowledge Taza’s teammate, Gordon Ryan with a handshake. Danis and Ryan have traded jabs at one another on social media for some time now.

BJJ brawl

After Danis refused to shake Ryan’s hand, Garry Tonon, another teammate of Ryan’s told Danis “Why don’t you have a match with him then Dillon?”

Danis then flipped the switch and told Tonon that they could have the match right then and there as he tried to make his way over to Tonon. Ryan walked up to the commotion and Danis told him “Oh, you want some too?”

ADCC officials were right there to help ease the tension as teammates from both sides did their best to break everything up.

jiu jitsu fight brawl

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