Ilir Latifi bashes “coward” Daniel Cormier for accepting Anderson fight, Cormier says he’ll fight him too

Daniel Cormier, Ilir Latifi

Daniel Cormier, who now owns the UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight titles, plans to retire in March of 2019, when he turns 40. From the sounds of it, he’s going to be very busy between now and then.

We know that Cormier plans to defend his heavyweight title against Brock Lesnar in early 2019. We also know that Cormier is willing to defend his light heavyweight title against Corey Anderson in the meantime, as Cormier accepted the rising contender’s callout on Twitter yesterday. 

“Yo [Daniel Cormier], they said a win over me and Glover would earn a title shot..I beat em, media said you wanted Shogun and he lost, you told [Alexander Gustafsson] off, and you already fought Volkan,” Anderson said in his Twitter callout of Cormier. “I’ll never ‘call you out’ out of respect. But I’m 100% down to fight you.”

“Ok, sure just find out when and where,” Cormier said in his undeniably surprising response. “I’ll be there. I always am!”

Anderson, of course, isn’t the only light heavyweight contender with his crosshairs locked on Cormier. Cormier has also recently been called out by surging Swedish contender Ilir Latifi.

Ilir Latifi actually called Daniel Cormier out before Anderson did — yet he didn’t get an answer. That didn’t go over well with him.

“[Daniel Cormier], You don’t answer me but you answer Corey? I respected you for wanting money fights as your last fights, but not easier fights,” Latifi said on Twitter, scolding Cormier after his first callout went unanswered. “A champ don’t act like that. You don’t want to fight me? Because you know it’s going to be hard. Don’t go out like a coward champ.”

“Champ [Daniel Cormier] you keep avoiding me,” Latifi added in a second Tweet. “I’m the one you should defend the title against at 205. You don’t want to fight Alex [Gustafsson] but you can’t hide from me, no excuses, let’s heal up and make it happen, don’t be dodging Champ, give me the shot. All respect.”

Luckily, this second Tweet finally got Latifi the response he wanted.

“I’m not avoiding, you can get it to,” Cormier said in his reply. “All of y’all. Tell me when and where bruh. I’ll come and whip ya.”

So there is is. Daniel Cormier says he’s down to fight both Ilir Latifi and Corey Anderson, presumably before his Lesnar fight and his March 2019 retirement. That being said, you have to wonder how serious he is about accepting these fights with Latifi and Anderson.

This article first appeared on on 7/26/2018.

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