Report: Cris Cyborg still has a lot of pounds to drop 48 hours away from weigh-in

By Russell Ess - September 21, 2016

The UFC Fight Night 95 main event fight between Cris Cyborg and Lina Lansberg is potentially at risk with Cyborg’s nasty weight cut to make the 140-pound catchweight limit.

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Cyborg recently detailed her weight issues and concerns on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour.

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“I don’t know why I’m taking [birth control], because we made 140 successfully [without it] last fight,” Cyborg said on Monday. “It’s really hard, but we did. But you know, George has a plan, and he said ‘you take this birth control.’ So now I’m 168, and I woke up at like 165.”

“This camp, I haven’t touched 150. It’s really scary. I look in the mirror and I say man, I’ve been training double, I don’t know why I haven’t touched the 50s.”

Cris Cyborg

Most recently, with 48 hours left to make weight, MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani tweeted, “I’m told Cris Cyborg weighed 155 pounds this AM. 14 pounds left, 48 hours to go.”

Cyborg added that she isn’t allowed the one pound extra in this non-title fight. Cyborg responded to Brian Stann who tweeted, “She is just below the 8% recommendation they have for percentage of weight to cut. So probably 12-10lbs to go for 141lb”

Cyborg replied to Stann, “I am not allowed 141 that will still miss weight. @BrianStann”

Helwani corrected his initial tweet saying, “Correct. Just learned that. So it’s 15 lbs left as of this AM.”

MMA insider @TalkMMA tweeted earlier this week that he spoke with a physician who is a nutritionist for elite level combat athletes. The physician told him that “cutting 25lbs this week is ‘reckless’ and they’re risking cardiovascular function and brain trauma.”

Will Cris Cyborg be able to drop 15 pounds and make the 140-pound catchweight limit with 48 hours until weigh-ins? What are your thoughts on whether or not the UFC should create a 145-pound featherweight women’s division surrounding Cris Cyborg? Sound off in the comments!


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