Cris Cyborg only returning to 140 for superfight

Cris Cyborg Justino

It’s no secret that Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg is a natural featherweight fighter. With that being said, both of Cyborg’s UFC fights have been at a catchweight of 140 pounds due to the fact that she is unable to make the bantamweight limit of 135 pounds. Despite the fights taking place at 140 pounds, fight week footage of Cyborg attempting to make the brutal weight cut has revealed that just because the fight takes place at 140 pounds, doesn’t mean it’s an easy cut for the WMMA legend. In both instances, details have emerged of Cyborg cutting dangerous amounts of weight, including 10 pounds in 24 hours, as well as disturbing footage of the Invicta champ crying while attempting to cut weight.

invicta feathterweight champion

With all of that being said, Cyborg seems reluctant to put her body through the brutal cut once again unless it is for a superfight. She spoke on Submission Radio:

“You know, the first time I made 140 in Brazil, Curitiba, the first time I did it was because it would be in my city,” she said. “And then second reason was because it was UFC Brazil. The main thing is to do is open an opportunity, maybe to do super fight with Ronda Rousey at 140. And I just showed them that I can make 140 for a super fight. And my second fight was supposed to be 145, I was supposed to be to defend my belt. And then again, I had the opportunity to fight 140 in Brazil.

“And I really respect all my opponents, but the girl in my last fight [Lina Lansberg], nobody knows her, and she’s had like 70 Muay Thai fights,” Cyborg continued. “She’s a really, really good opponent, but for me to sacrifice to make 140, I’d like a super fight. You know, something the fans would like to watch. Because my last opponent, her last win was at 145 pounds. And then sometimes, I don’t see it’s worth making 140 to make a fight like this. If you want a super fight, doesn’t matter the weight – It can be 150, can be 155, 145.”


It is worth noting that UFC President Dana White has stated that if former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey emerges from her UFC 207 return fight with Amanda Nunes victorious, she will then fight Cyborg in a superfight.

With that being said, Rousey has expressed her desire to retire in the near future.