Conman fakes Conor McGregor friendship to scam a woman

By Chris Taylor - October 23, 2016

A serial conman has faked having a friendship with current UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor to exploit a woman out of €1,500.

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A young Irish woman named Lauren Caffrey-Byrne, who resides in Dublin, made waves Saturday morning after posting the following story on her Facebook page.

My good friend, (who wishes to remain anonymous) met the guy below on ‘Plenty of Fish’. He used the alias Wesley O’Brien, claiming to be the nephew of Irish Billionaire Denis O’Brien and after some chatting, they eventually agreed to meet up for a date where he wooed my friend and subsequently asked her to be his girlfriend.

During this period, he told her various tall stories such as being a “lifelong friends” with Conor McGregor, sending her screenshots of Whatsapp conversations between himself and Conor and himself and Dee Devlin (which later transpired to be fake) and he even went as far as “booking” a holiday for my friend and him to New York this November with Ringside seats to his “best buds” upcoming MMA match. He actually video recorded himself in a Travel Agents booking the holiday and sent it to my friend, he sent her the “booking confirmation and itinerary” for the trip and had “his sister and mother” (who apparantly lived in New York themselves) texting and Whatsapping my friend too.

She had absolutely no reason to doubt who Wesley was purporting to be, the plans that were being made or the stories that he told her as he had done his background research and could answer any question she ever had flawlessly.

He regularly sent her pictures of himself in “his dads” corporate offices, he had her collect him outside “his” house in Sandycove (which later turned out to be staged and not his house at all) and he even spoke and gained the trust of my friend’s parents!!!

Last week, only a couple of days into this new relationship, Wesley told my friend that SBG gym still had five ringside tickets for the NYC McGregor fight and asked my friend if she knew anyone that wanted them as he could sort them out.
My friend’s mate told her that he would buy them off Wesley and jumped at the oppertunity to get five ringside seats for €1,500.00. My friend brought Wesley to her mates house, introduced Wesley to her mate and the money was handed over and an arangement made for my friend and Wesley to go to SBG to collect and return in a few hours with the tickets.

On the way to the gym Wesley asked my friend would she mind doing a quick detour to Moore Street as he had to draw up rosters for the staff in a chain of sunbed salons that “he owns”.

My friend duly went and parked up on Moore Street, Wesley gave her a kiss and said he would be back momentarily.

Well – Wesley never did come back! Wesley gone, money gone, social network accounts deleted and mobile numbers for him, “his sister” and “his mum” all disconected!

After this ordeal and some research, my friend has found this article about a ‘Wesley Brennan’ who has served a jail term after his bail was revoked for meeting another girl on ‘Plenty of Fish’ and subsequently stealing and selling her car on their first date!!! (Screenshot of Irish Times Article on same below) Link to Article:…/man-stole-woman-s-car-during-th…
I am still in shock and I cannot get over how calculated and well executed this guys intricate lies were! Each of us think we are not that gullible until something like this happens to us or someone close to us. Be smart, question everything and never let your heart cloud your gut instincts! We do not know how many other girls he has done this do or who else is involved in his con!

This is not the first time that Conor McGregor’s name has been used by an individual to scam some cash. Earlier this year, an IT worker managed to convince some friends to part with around €8,000 for tickets to a McGregor fight card which never came to fruition.

Conor McGregor is set to challenge current UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez on November 12 live from the famed Madison Square Garden Arena in New York.





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