Mickey Gall on CM Punk fighting in the UFC again: ‘I think he’ll be dealt the same way I dealt him’

By Russell Ess - December 15, 2016

Phil Brooks, better known by his WWE wrestling name, CM Punk, made his professional mixed martial arts debut at UFC 203 in September.

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There were some people that were unhappy that the former WWE wrestling superstar seemingly strolled his way into the biggest MMA promotion in the world while others were happy to have the star bring in some new fans over to watch the sport of mixed martial arts.

Punk did not put on the performance he wanted to in his debut as his opponent Mickey Gall punished him with ground and pound and finished the fight with a rear-naked choke in the very first round.

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Now, many fans, as well as critics of Punk, are waiting to see if he will fight in the UFC again. Punk’s coach Duke Roufus recently said that “things are looking hopeful” for another chance in the UFC.

Gall spoke with the MMA Hour on Monday and gave his opinion on Punk fighting again after he dismantled the former WWE star in his debut.

“I think he’ll be dealt (with) the same way I dealt him,” Gall said Monday on The MMA Hour (transcribed by Shaun Al-Shatti of MMA Fighting). “If he fights a UFC caliber guy, I think they’ll do it in the same way. So I think in hindsight, he probably should’ve taken some regional fights, amateur fighters, smaller shows. But I think that’s ballsy of him to want to come back.”

Gall went on to state his opinion on if the UFC does decide to bring Punk back for another shot, it isn’t good for the sport itself when the intent is just to bring in more money.

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“I don’t know. I mean, he’s definitely going to help your pay-per-view and he brings that other audience,” Gall said. “But for kinda the legitimacy of the sport, I think it may water it down a little bit.”

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