Matt Brown raises important question regarding the debut of CM Punk

By bjpenndotcom - February 12, 2016

Matt Brown has certainly earned ‘The Immortal’ as his nickname.

CM Punk Q&A

The top ranked UFC welterweight is one of the toughest fighters on the UFC roster, and has the unparalleled ability to take tremendous punishment and continue to move forward.

In the wake of the announcement that CM Punk would be out another 4-6 months due to back surgery, Matt Brown spoke on The Great MMA Debate podcast to discuss whether or not CM Punk can handle the terrifying feeling a fighter gets before their scrap.

“This guy, he ain’t no fighter. People don’t understand what it’s like sitting in that locker room for two to three hours knowing a guy down the hall is going to try to fucking murder you. That feeling in indescribable. The nerves, people call it fear. That feeling is not to be envied. Personally, I do envy it but that’s what separates a fighter from everyone else. Conquering that fear takes something different than I think most people have and I question whether CM Punk has that or not.”

While we now know that Punk will fight Mickey Gall in 2016, how do you think the feeling Brown described above will impact Punk in his debut.


CM Punk