CM Punk: ‘I know what I’m good at, I know what I’m gonna be good at’

CM Punk sparring

Former WWE superstar CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, is set to make his professional mixed martial arts debut in the biggest MMA promotion in the world in a little over a week.

Brooks will face 2-0 Mickey Gall, which will be the UFC debut for both fighters. The two will meet at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio on September 10. The card will be headlined by the UFC heavyweight title match between Cleveland’s champion Stipe Miocic and contender Alistair Overeem.

On Thursday, a conference call was held for UFC 203 and Brooks was asked a lot of questions with the media and fans excited to see what will come of his professional fighting career.

Leading up to Brooks’ highly anticipated debut, the UFC released a special on the former pro wrestling star and his evolution to becoming a professional mixed martial artist.

“It was a correct depiction of where I was at when it was shot,” Punk said during the UFC 203 media conference call (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “Pre-back surgery, walking around with a herniated disc, 15 percent power in my left leg.”

Some footage of Brooks training showed him being outclassed in training sessions and still basically learning martial arts over one year ago, which many have mocked and criticized him for his skills ahead of his debut.

“I wouldn’t say it’s unfair,” Punk said. “Life is unfair. But you can’t listen to what somebody on the Internet is saying about you, you know? You dig hard enough you’ll find negative stuff about everybody. I’m a positive guy. I know what I’m good at. I know what I’m gonna be good at. What I did a year and a half ago doesn’t matter to me.”

In regards to his competition, Brooks had respect for the 2-0 professional record of Gall and knows that he is hungry and steadily progressing, just as he is.

“It would be like me watching one of Mickey’s fights and expecting to fight that guy,” Punk said. “Mickey trains his ass off and he trains with a good team. He’s not gonna be the same guy he was in his last fight, just like I’m not gonna be the same guy you saw on a television show.”

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