CM Punk Goes Off on Haters for Personal Attacks

By Tom Taylor - October 11, 2016

Last month, former pro wrestling star CM Punk made his long awaited jump into the world of mixed martial arts. He did so against 24-year-old prospect Mickey Gall on the main card of UFC 203.

CM Punk

As we now know, of course, Punk’s visit to the Octagon would go down as an absolute disaster. After making a reckless charge across the canvas and whiffing a punch over the top of his foe’s head, he was easily taken down. From there, he was battered and bruised by ground strikes, and ultimately, forced to tap out to a rear-naked choke.

wwe champion

Though Punk’s debut showed he was seriously behind the curve in the skill department, it also showed he was long on heart. This prompted many of the games top fighters to give him props on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, however, Punk still receives a good deal of hate on Twitter. On Monday night, he gave a few of his haters a taste of their own medicine.

Disrespect the former WWE star at your own risk!

At the moment, Punk’s fighting future is uncertain. Though he seems hellbent on taking another crack at life as a mixed martial artist, it’s not currently clear whether the UFC will be willing to give him another shot in the Octagon. Bellator, however, would probably be happy to have him.

Would you like to see CM Punk fight again, or was one time enough? Sound off, PENN nation!


CM Punk