Cain Velasquez: Surgury complete, says he can train 100 percent in five weeks

Looks like Cain Velasquez of AKA is on the road to recovery after a successful surgery for a sciatic nerve. The former champ has a time table of a little over a month before he can get back into to training for his title rematch with Fabricio Werdum.

Here’s his released statement via Facebook:

“I wanted to update you all on how my injury has been progressing.
First off, I want to thank you all for your amazing support. Your messages and your support have really helped me and my family through a tough time.

I had orthoscopic surgery on Monday morning to remove some bone spurs that were pinching my sciatic nerve. The surgery was a complete success and I can’t tell you how well I’m feeling already.

My doctors have recommended I take it easy for now but can begin light training in about two weeks. They also think I’ll be able to train at 100% in about four to five weeks. I’ll follow their orders but I can’t wait to get back in there.”

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