VIDEO | Pro wrestling and MMA star Bobby Lashley talks up a fight against Brock Lesnar

By Russell Ess - October 25, 2016

Who would you pick to win in a mixed martial arts fight between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar?

Bobby Lashley Brock Lesnar

Lashley, who is under a Bellator MMA and TNA professional wrestling promotion contract spoke with TMZ about a potential matchup with former UFC and WWE contracted star, Brock Lesnar.

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“I think it would be really interesting. There’s been a lot of people that ask me, I mean I get asked that at least, I could almost say every day. I think there’s so much money in that.

“I think it would turn into almost a slugfest because I know that Brock is not going to get taken down by easy takedowns, so it’s going to be hard,” Lashley said analyzing a potential matchup. “And then I scramble really well. Brock has a little bit more size on me, but I scramble really well, so it would be hard for him to have a takedown. So if neither one of us are taken down, then we’d need to rely on the striking. So I think it might be a slugfest, which would be really interesting. So, I think it’d be a fun fight to have.”

When asked who would win the fight, Lashley gives his obvious answer.

“Man, there’s no sense in even asking that question,” Lashley said with a laugh. “I know that my hand is gonna get raised and that’s one that I feel confident on. But, then you if you ask him the same thing, he’s not gonna say, ‘Oh no, Bobby will win.’ And, I’m not gonna say, ‘Oh no, Brock would win.’ So, of course, I see my hand being raised in any time that I fight.”

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Who do you see getting their hand raised between the two heavyweight stars? Sound off in the comment section and let us know if you pick Bobby Lashley or Brock Lesnar to win in a professional MMA fight!

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