Stefan Struve Thinks ‘Cheater’ Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Deserve to Get Beat by Jon Jones

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The destroyer known as Jon Jones came back and did just that to the only other guy no one else can beat in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Finishing Daniel Cormier with straight Mortal Kombat brutality after being out of competition for so long solidified himself as the greatest of all time. Besides the UFC just gifting Gustafsson a title shot, there’s not much reason to have Jones sitting atop the challenge tower bored and twiddling his thumbs. This is where Brock Lesnar comes in.

It’s ridiculous, but this is a new era. Besides, if Lesnar is the only thing standing in the way of Jon Jones making a run at heavyweight, then let the gladiator games begin. Fans want it, we want it, and he’s already got a mock fight poster and everything. One guy who doesn’t want it, is Stefan Struve. He spoke some fire about Brock Lesnar on Submission Radio.

“They cannot do that [fight]. That’s impossible. That would be the worst message the UFC could ever send out. So if [Lesnar] fights again he should go through six months of testing, I believe, before he fights again. I think that’s the rule right now. So if he comes back and they let him go through those six months of testing, then I’m curious to see how he steps in the cage. […] I think cheaters should not be in the UFC and I think the UFC made a big mistake last time by bringing Lesnar in and giving him a four-month exemption before his fight so that USADA wouldn’t test him for four months.”

Brock Lesnar
The smile you make when you figure out a huge payday.

It looks like Mark Hunt might have a friend in his ongoing war on UFC drugs and alleged dopers. The thing is though, money is power and Brock Lesnar is frickin’ powerful. Not only does it give Jones a convincing challenge to casual fans, but it puts a ton of the green stuff in everyone’s pockets besides the other fighters on the roster. It doesn’t matter anyway, claims Struve, who thinks Jones takes out Lesnar with ease.

“I think Jones beats [Lesnar] anyway. Simple as that. Jones is too good of an athlete. I don’t think Lesnar gets a hold of him to take him down. Jones moves too well. I think DC is a great fighter and of course that kick was great, but before that, I didn’t see the Jon Jones who we used to see as dominant as he used to be. So I’m curious to see if he re-finds himself and gets to be more dominant again. But I don’t think Lesnar takes him down or anything, and he’s definitely not going to win the fight on the feet.”

Listen to the entire interview below and see Struve return against Alexander Volkov in the main event of UFC Rotterdam on September 2nd.

This article first appeared on on 8/10/2017.

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