VIDEO | Brendan Schaub talks Dana White drama, ‘I need nothing from him’

By Drake Riggs - July 17, 2018

Brendan Schaub

“There’s a reason [that] after I launched that tweet, that Instagram comment… There’s a reason why I had…I mean tons of fighters reach out to me. Tons of UFC employees reach out to me. Tons of employees from Reebok reach out to me, former fighters, media members. Why do you think that is? Cause everyone’s thinkin’ this: [Dana White] motivates by fear. That’s not a way to run a business. That’s not the way to do things, it’s 2018. You just can’t do that.

Why do you think all those people are reaching out to me? Why do you think this is getting so many likes? Why do you think this is the topic of all this stuff? Cause you’re a dick. And no one can say anything cause they’re scared to lose their job. I’m not. I need nothing from you.

I need no approval, I don’t need a promotion, I don’t work for you…I do none of that. I tell you the truth. You’re a dick. You’re a dick, man. You’ve made it, you’re at the top of the mountain shouting. But don’t shout negativity.”

Last week the hottest topic in the MMA world was somewhat a weird and dramatic one. Especially considering who it was between.

After a misunderstanding stemming from one of UFC middleweight Israel Adesanya’s Instagram posts, UFC President Dana White and retired UFC heavyweight and podcaster/analyst Brendan Schaub got int a back and forth in the post’s comment section.

After Schaub’s only response, White continued where he would claim that once Schaub was done being carried by Joe Rogan that his newfound successful post-fight career would be over. Schaub didn’t take too kindly to that which led to the ‘Eskimo brother’ post that Schaub referred to in the quotes above.

All the silly beefing aside, the root of the matter for Schaub is deeper as he explains that the way White treats his fighters is unnecessary and more impactful than he may realize. Schaub being a former fighter has firsthand experience with this.

He even examples the recent case of Francis Ngannou who White claimed has an ‘out of control ego’ after his lackluster bout with Derrick Lewis at UFC 226.

on 7/17/2018