Logan Paul reveals unique clause in Dillon Danis’ contract should he pull out of their boxing match

By Cole Shelton - August 8, 2023

Logan Paul is covered should Dillon Danis pull out of their upcoming boxing match in October.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

On Tuesday, it was revealed Danis and Paul are set to box on the Misfits card in Manchester, England. It is a fight that was previously in the works, but Paul suffered a knee injury in the WWE that delayed the fight. Danis was later booked to face KSI instead, but he pulled out of the fight just weeks before the event.

Now, after the latest announcement, Logan Paul spoke on his podcast and revealed there is a clause in Dillon Danis’ contract should he pull out of the fight.

“That is my concern, I’m convinced he’s not going to show up. The clause is this. If he pulls out because of some sort of injury that he fakes, a doctor of our choosing has to verify the injury. If he indeed faking it, he has to pay $100,000. There is a pullout clause,” Paul said on Impaulsive.

Logan Paul explains why he took Dillon Danis fight

Although Logan Paul is worried Dillon Danis will pull out, he said he agreed to box him because of the clause in the contract. As well, he says they already have a backup ready and training should Danis end up withdrawing from the fight as he suspects.

But, if the boxing match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis does happen, the YouTuber is excited he will be the one to hand Danis a defeat and turn him into a nobody.

“No, that is the other issue, he’s broke, the guy sucks, he’s the parasite of MMA and the combat world. That is why I took the fight initially because if he does show up, I get to be the one, I get to be the one to take an eraser and remove him existence. His name will never be uttered again,” Paul concluded.

Logan Paul hasn’t boxed since he fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match in June of 2021.

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