Anthony Pettis thanks fans for support ahead of featherweight debut

Anthony Pettis

This evening, former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will make his highly anticipated UFC featherweight debut against Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira.

Pettis will enter the fight on a 3-fight losing streak, and will look to return to the win column and cement his place as one of the best featherweights on the planet with a win over Oliveira.

Ahead of the fight, Pettis took to Instagram to send thank his fans for their support.

To my family, my mother, my father, Sergio, Rey, Duke, all of my training partners, everyone who has had my back since Day One, and to you, my fans, whose support and loyalty have been without falter; I want to say a few things to you on the eve of my upcoming fight. My name is Anthony Pettis. I am a fighter, a son, a brother, a friend, an entrepreneur, and I hope for some, a role model. Tomorrow evening I have a very important fight against another warrior who is simply a man I need to beat to take my next step. My path getting to this moment has not been easy, but nothing worth having ever is. What I want for everyone to know is that when I step into the Octagon tomorrow night, you will see the Anthony Pettis you deserve. The one you've supported with your posted messages and those personally delivered to me. You'll see the Anthony Pettis I have always strived to be. What you need to understand is that those of us who've done this for years – the ones who have trained for hours on end and have sacrificed our bodies, spirits, and valuable time with our families – are entering our fights with a desire to confront all doubt and criticism. But, most importantly we need to prove our successes to ourselves and that we are the best at practicing what some may call a sport, but what we call our lives. Some say I need to win in order to make my comeback. But, I can't comeback because I never left. As always, I will leave everything I have in the Octagon. It's what I deserve and what all of you deserve. My training has been perfect. My focus has been perfect. I now leave my success in the hands of my training, my coaches, my heart, and above all else, my faith. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support. While I'd love to read every message after posting this and respond to as many as I can, this will be my last post until after my fight is done, as I will dedicate the next hours to complete focus. Goodnight everyone. It's Showtime. #ufcvancouver #ufc

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