Anderson Silva aims to finish career in UFC, but would fight elsewhere under right circumstances

Anderson Silva

Former UFC middleweight champion and undeniable MMA legend Anderson Silva is now 43 years old. Although the former champion still resides amongst the world’s best middleweights, his time in the sport is certainly nearing its end.

In a recent interview with Inquistr, Silva assured that he plans to finish his career in the UFC, where he was once such a dominant champion. That being said, he also acknowledged that the UFC has changed quite a bit since its sale to WME-IMG, and that he would consider ending his career elsewhere under the right circumstances.

“I like UFC,” he said. “The big [part of my] story [is] inside UFC, inside the Zuffa company. Of course, everything’s changed inside the company, but I have a good relationship with UFC. My goal is: finish my contract and finish my career. [If] this does not happen, of course I [will] go to [a] different company and make [a] good deal for me and for [the] company [to] continue my legacy. I have three more fights in UFC. I’m very happy. I have nothing bad to say about UFC… But I love UFC. Hopefully, I finish my career in UFC.”

If Silva were to leave the UFC in the Twilight of his career, one of the most likely options with respect to new homes would be Bellator MMA, the sport’s second biggest promotion. Were Silva to land in Bellator, one of the biggest fights available to him would be a rematch with Chael Sonnen, undeniably the chief rival of his MMA career.

Is this something Anderson Silva would be interested in? Maybe. Contrary to the sizzling beef he shared with Chael Sonnen several years ago, he now speaks of his rival in a very respectful tone.

“Oh! Maybe,” Silva said of a possible trilogy fight with Chael Sonnen. “Yeah. I don’t know… Chael is a great fighter. The people talk a lot about Chael, but Chael is a great man, a great guy, beautiful family, you know? I respect Chael a lot.”

Do you think Anderson Silva will end his career in the UFC?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/16/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM