Amanda Nunes Tweets signed bout agreement for December 29 superfight, ‘Cyborg’ is not happy

Amanda Nunes, Cris Cyborg

Last night, UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg began to call for a super fight with Amanda Nunes at UFC 228 on September 8.

“I agreed for second time [to] fight Amanda Nunes September 8,” Cyborg said in her first Tweet on the subject (edited for clarity). “My last fight was 4 months ago. I’m ready to fight.”

“Let’s go [Amanda Nunes], you called me out now you have to handle it,” she added.

“We couldn’t make it happen [at] UFC 222 or UFC 226, but #LetsGoChamp. UFC 228, you called me out now let’s handle it.”

Not long thereafter, Nunes took to Twitter to show that she’d signed a bout agreement — but not for UFC 228. Instead, the bout agreement dictates the fight would occur on December 29, on the UFC’s big, year-end pay-per-view.

“Waiting on you [Cris Cyborg],” Nunes said. UFC 232, December 29.”

This Tweet from Nunes did not go over well with Cyborg, who is not keen to wait until December to fight. The featherweight champ promptly fired back at Nunes in a series of her own Tweets, then Retweeted about a million fans who seemed to agree that December is too far away.

“I know I only sell 85k [pay-per-views] but I would like to fight [Cyborg] just give me 360 days to train instead of UFC 228 and keep [Cyborg] out of the cage 8 months while you do it,” Cyborg said, mocking Nunes ability to sell pay-per-views.

“[December] is a long time to wait with this risk,” Cyborg added, Retweeting a fan who claimed there was no guarantee that Nunes would even show up to the fight on December 29.

Needless to say, Cyborg doesn’t seem willing to wait around for Nunes. Nunes, meanwhile, doesn’t seem ready to fight by September 8. Luckily for both women, there are several pay-per-views in between UFC 228 and 232. Hopefully they can find a way to compromise and make this super fight happen.

This article first appeared on on 7/12/2018.

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